Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ruby Frances Robinson

So I have so much to talk about but boy am I tired. Ruby and Lora have come home from the hospital today. It's been 6 days! So the facts first:
1. Born at 10:08am on the 22nd of December.
2. 24hrs of labor with no epidural!
3. Cesarian Section required due to Ruby being "sunny side up".
4. 7lbs, 5ozs.
5. Jaundiced a bit
6. A full head of hair with blue eyes.
7. Cute as all hell!

Lora is doing really well. The hard part will be keeping her from doing too much too early. You guys will have to help me with this one. You all know Lora!

So I figured the best thing for me to do right now is talk less and show more pictures so here goes.

Ruby Roars!

Ruby getting a tan. We're thinking of piercing her nose too.

Go ahead and do it... you know you want to just kiss your screen right now.

Ok, so Lora is going to kill me but here's a shot before labor really kicked in and...

One not too long afterward. She continually amazes me.

No she's not retarded. I love this one.

Geaux Tigers! This one is for her two LSU uncles.

We had Christmas today on the 27th. Her Grandpa Jim and especially Grandma Pat went crazy after meeting Ruby for the first time. Ruby is only 6 days old but she already loves being spoiled by her grandparents.

Well, this is just the first of many pictures to come. Lora and I are so proud and can't wait for all of you to meet her. Stop by for a visit or just give us a call if you live far away.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Battery Life

OK, so sometimes do you guys feel like your nothing more than a rechargeable battery? I do. My energy levels were running low... very low last week and I needed a recharge. Problem was that it started raining and snowing this past weekend. It wasn't going to be enough rain to bring much water to the dry riverbeds and since there wasn't a base of snow to support the new snow I wasn't sure what to do. I called a friend living near Lake Tahoe and he suggested we just give the snow a chance.

So I left the house at 6:00am for the drive up to Truckee and Greg's home. So I have to say right now that Lora and I knew we were lucky to live in Salt Lake City, being so close to the mountains. I love California for many reasons but the driving times to go skiing are a bit much. For most of the trip it was dumping snow which meant 30mph on the freeway all the way to Lake Tahoe.

BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT! After skinning up a mtn near the Mt. Rose ski area I quickly realized that California has snow... really good snow. It was white-out conditions, 14 degrees, and waist deep fluffy powder! Turns out we got lucky. Greg and I made three runs down a beautiful bowl making choking turns. Faceshot after faceshot were had by both of us. It was hard to smile because I was choking but at the bottom of each run we were beaming and high-fiving.

So now I'm home, batteries recharged, ready for what life brings us. Lora is doing well, but is in a lot of discomfort. We visited the doctor yesterday and she informed us that Lora was dilated to 2cm. The baby is sitting extremely low and will probably not drop any lower... that is until D-Day. We'll keep you posted.


Saturday, December 06, 2008


My step-father Norman turned 70 the day before Thanksgiving, giving the family an excuse to all get together for the long-weekend. We haven't been together in one place for years. So it was great spending the weekend together in Weaverville.

The whole gang, minus my niece Kim who couldn't get off work.

We spent the weekend eating, playing games

and general horsing around.