Friday, September 28, 2007

A little bike ride around the coast

It's lambing season here and they are cute!

The ride we took follows the red line from Cygnet around to Woodbridge and then back across to end in Cygnet.

By now most people would have seen our latest post about the sailing. If you haven't yet scroll down below to the previous post. As usual I probably put too much video in it. I think the slide show at the end is the best part.

On to other things...

Recently Lora and I went on a little bike ride around one of the peninsulas near town. The ride was great and ended up being about a 53km ride. The views were spectacular and of course the pictures just do not do it justice.

With Lora being in such great shape and me riding my mountain bike with big knobby tires, it was tough work keeping up with her. Part way through the ride we stopped for a nice little lunch at a pub/restaurant right on the water.

After a glass of wine and a pint of light beer as well as a small lunch we decided to cut through the inland back to the car. What we didn't know was how steep and long the uphill would be. Along the way we saw a couple of really friendly and super cute lambs that whenever I bleated they would come right up to me. Lora was in heaven and asked repeatedly if we could take one home. See the pictures below to see what I did with one of them.

The local countryside. For some reason I'm holding Lora's bike, not my own.

One of the cute lambs I took home for dinner. O.K. it isn't really! Lora and I bought a rabbit from a country hotel later in the week and we cooked it up. YUMMY!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sailing the Whitsunday Islands

So I decided to just put all the pictures I liked and a little video Lora shot using her little camera onto YouTube. I won't go into all the detail of the trip but we had a blast sailing around for 7 days. For those that don't know my parents and youngest brother came over to visit us and part of the trip we rented a 42' Catamaran. Pure indulgence! Enjoy the video.


Monday, September 10, 2007

A few cute photos of Frank and Jennifer during our sailing trip in Australia

We took a hike up above our boat one afternoon and snapped this picture.

Ok I don't usually get to mushy when it comes to my parents. After all they are my parents. However, as I began looking at the numerous pictures taken during the sailing trip last month I couldn't resist putting some up for all to see. It's nice to see them happy together and still in love after all these years. Enjoy.

I still plan on posting a blog about the sailing trip really soon.

Oh yeah, I'm sure I'll get in trouble for doing this but I can't help myself.

This is Lora's and my favorite picture of the two of them.

Holding hands on a walk along a really cool section of beach.

Hill inlet in the background.

Australia's next top model!

The boat was really moving in the 25knt winds and 2 meter seas.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Possums are cuter in Australia

This one go into a utility room and made a mess.

Fieldwork in action.

Anna and I carrying traps into Border Ranges

Danielle, a volunteer at Lamington National Park, and I hanging Flight-intercept traps

Anna hanging traps