Monday, March 12, 2007

RSS Feed is up and running

You can click any image to increase it in size by the way!

For those of you that would like to be notified when either Lora or I post a new blog entry you can now have an RSS feed notify you. If you notice the little orange image on the far right side of the address bar(yellow number 1 in the above image) and click on it a new window will pop open asking you if you would like to save this feed. Just click yes of course. You should now have a new little icon right below your address bar(yellow number 2) that you can click on making it very easy to see when we post. It may even notify you. See added later section.

As you can tell I've been working with my new computer installing all kinds of "cool" things. I may have to actually start studying again soon.

Added later: OK so it looks like it will not notify you of new content BUT it is still easier to see when we post something new. If you right click on the new orange tab below your address bar(Yellow number 2) you can click on "Reload Live Bookmark". It will then check for you and a new post will be at the top of the choices for you. Then just click the new post and it takes you straight to our blog.
It sounds complicated but really is very simple. You can always call us now that we have a Cali phone number working over here. I don't want to post it here but ask around or send an e-mail if you want it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pictures of Crescent Beach, Tasmania

I already told you a little about this special place in the last blog. On Friday Lora and I hiked in about twenty minutes to this beautiful little secluded beach at one of the most southerly points in Tasmania. I was able to do a little flying while Lora took pictures and enjoyed the views. In the distance you can see Tasman Island as well as Cape Pillar, a series of Dolerite columns sticking right out of the ocean. If you remember a previous post I posted about the Totem Pole you will be familiar with this area already. It is right around the point you can just see in the distance.

I'm going to post quite a few pictures because: 1. They are just so good. 2. I'm still high from flying this special place.
View from below as I flew directly over Lora's head.

The rugged Tasmanian coast line. Me with a little height over the dune.

Our friend Josh just as he's about to leave the ground.

A few more of me in mid flight/turn. Really no one else flies here so I can't really put any pictures up besides me and a couple of Josh... ok one of Josh.

Until next time. Don't forget to try the video link below too.


Crescent Beach, Tasmania

Well, I'm going to try and post my first youtube video clip to our blog. Lora and I went to a beautiful beach in S. Tasmania a few days ago with a friend named Josh. The winds were light but I was able to get a few 20 minute flights ridge soaring the dune. It was absolutely beautiful. I will be adding a post with the pictures Lora took next.

Well it works. Just push the start button on the screen. This video wasn't really edited much so they will only get better. The really great thing is now I've figured out how to post video so be prepared for anything.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Another day on the river

So as some of you know I've started Grad school. I'm working on a Master's of Ed. Right now my courses are mainly distance courses which mean I have to stay motivated and diligent. So of course I was in the library yesterday( I really was) when I received a call from a friend, Swarz. He told me that a local river was running and we should go boating. This river, called North West Bay River, only runs when we are having a Souwester. The last time this happened was two years ago.
We met at the take out right on the ocean and headed up to the put-in. Above is a picture of me at the put-in weir. I hate weirs. They are man-made DEATHTRAPS. They form a perfect hydraulic that if you go in the only way out is being pulled out with a rope. Needless to say we stayed out of it.
Above is a picture of the lower bit of the river. It was very beautiful scenery and only 15 minutes away from Hobart. The run itself was only class3/4-, but fun. It was great being on the water again.

After running the lower bit I was wondering what was above so we headed up that way. We found a great class 4 non-stop rollercoaster. This is now Swarz's official put-in, as well as mine. Below is a picture right before I got in my boat. The camera got a little fogged up due to the rain/moisture.

One of the best parts of the trip was the blackberries that grew all along the side of the river near the bottom. We just paddled up and picked huge amounts. It reminded me of when Kimberly and I would go out picking for blackberry cobbler way back when we were kids.
All in all it was a great afternoon spent with two good mates, a lot of rain, and some great kayaking. I guess now it's back to the library for me.