Sunday, January 04, 2009

More Ruby Shots

So a few months ago Lora and I decided that we would have two blogs, one for our "activities and one for our child. Well, forget that. If we did that no one would read our original blog and everyone would just migrate to the Ruby page. So we will continue to just use this address and put up blog posts of our lives... the three of us having fun.

Here are a few more photos of Ruby. We have been lucky to have my mom and dad in from Mississippi here helping out a bit. Thanks mom for the delicious food.

We played A LOT of boardgames over the past five days. The combination of holding my daughter and playing boardgames made my week.

A picture of Ruby's first beer run!

A few days ago we went over to Hunter and Lori's place for a barbecue and to socialize. Below are the shots of the kids. Pretty crazy! Can't wait to have Will, Donovan, and Grayson join in for a big group photo.

The 2 new babies, Josh and Ruby. Maybe these two will get hitched one day. Josh... you better wait until you're married or else.