Tuesday, May 06, 2008

One last trip together in Australia... The Bay of Fires

A Seakayaking trip to The Bay of Fires

A dark picture looking north from our camp spot. Breathtaking!

Our camp for the night.

So with me leaving Australia soon we decided to take a quick trip to a place in Tasmania where we always wanted to visit but hadn't found the time to get up there. It's called The Bay of Fires and it's absolutely beautiful! The water was SOOOO clear. I must have said a hundred times to Lora how clear the water was. You could see the bottom clearly and it was probably 25 meters deep or more in places.

Lora getting ready to get a mouthful of wave action as we launch. The perks of sitting in the stern. Another remarkable thing was that the beaches were EMPTY! There are no roads up here and we didn't even see a human footprint on the beach.

I've included a few photos we took on this two day trip. It really worked out perfectly for us. We ended up camping at an amazing site overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We had a small amount of rain the first day but we were rewarded with an amazing full double rainbow. It was like we paddled out from underneath them.

Lora took this quick photo as we were leaving behind civilization on the first day.

Who is that cute girl at camp?

The second day we had to battle an outgoing tide to get into Anson's Bay. The bay itself was just as nice as the coastline. We saw the largest pelican either of us had ever seen. He took off and did a slow fly-by as he checked us out.

We ended up sailing up the coastline about 15kms with a nice tailwind. Hardly any paddling. What a great way to travel. Here we are entering the bay.

All that was left was to find a ride back 35kms to the parked car. I finally roped a local into giving us a ride. I was a bit worried since there really was nothing but dirt roads leading to a few small beach shacks in Anson's Bay. Lucky.

Now we are back home packing me up to head home. Boy has Lora got a huge pile of stuff for me to take home. Maybe you should rent a truck Karen. :)


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bruny Island

Here are a couple pictures I have from our Bruny Island trip with mom and Norm. With them having both their cameras out, I didn't take many pictures of my own.

Mom and Norm looking cute at Bruny Island "Neck". A narrow spit of land connecting the northern bit with the southern.

Cloudy Bay

Just one of the many Banksia species

On one of our sightseeing trips we visited the 3rd oldest lighthouse (1838), which is also the oldest continuously running lighthouse in Australia. If you look closely at the hill on the right you can see Cape Bruny Lighthouse.