Thursday, October 22, 2009

An amazing day in the air!

Well Lora is almost home from the Grand Canyon. Ruby and I have survived! The house is still standing! The cat is alive! Etc. Actually it's been a lot of fun but quite tiring.

I flew from East to West.

Since I've been stuck on the ground I thought I would post an image or two of a recent flight. It was amazing. I flew along Lake Tahoe for over an hour and ended up flying 15 miles or so. I reached 14,900ft. The really cool thing was that I landed a block from the house we were spending the night at for the evening. I actually flew to a friend's house. WAY COOL!

Words can't describe it. The views of Lake Tahoe were breathtaking. Can't wait for summer to return with the thermals.

If you want to see the stats on the flight you can click below. It allows you to zoom in and even view it in Google Earth. Just so you know I was using a GPS to track the flight.

The flight


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